Archives for October 31, 2006

Don’t choose your hospital by your room desires…

While taking a history recently, I asked the patient why they hadn’t availed themselves of Hospital Y, where their doctors are, much closer to home.  (Usually it’s ‘we like this hospital better’, but consultants ask when called).


“They don’t have any private rooms there, so I want to be admitted here.”


I chuckled a little inside before giving my reply: ‘We’re out of space in the hospital, and if admitted you’ll be in the ED all night, or in a hallway upstairs’.  (True, we were stuffed to the gills).


So, don’t assume anything in hospitals anymore.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds 3:6; Dr. Hebert’s Masterpiece


There have been some entertaining presentations for a Grand Rounds (myself, I’m Joe Friday), but this is a masterpiece: Halloween Grand Rounds


37127957_8f5f102020.jpgAnd now, without further delay, and with apologies to Edgar Allen Poe, I present to you

The Intern

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I rounded weak and weary
Stomach hot and rumbling, I came bleary and a-stumbling
For a cup of hot caffeine through the doctor’s parlor door.
On the sofa lurked before me a shadow breaking silence with rumbling snore.
‘Tis some visitor, I muttered, slumb’ring loudly, bell’wing out that roar.
A sleeping Intern, nothing more.
Ah, distinctly I remember twins delivered last September
Sadly recalled by the Fat Doctor, a patient that she had before;
Or maybe Ghosts the Tundra froze, that living were Yupik Eskimos.
I steeled myself – made no fuss, recalled a day on the Singing Bus
Traveling happily through Uganda, Borneo Breezes dancing
           on the wooden floor.
Simply this, and nothing more.

Holy Cow.  It’ll be a while before I volunteer to host again.  A Bravura performance!