MedBlogs Grand Rounds 3:4

…over at Emergiblog:

Ah, time for that Tuesday morning cup of coffee and the weekly tradition known as “Grand Rounds”!Emergiblog

I’m your host this week!

Let’s get together at the local Starbucks and really indulge ourselves!


First, it’s always nice to be included, thanks!

Second, it’s through this Grand Rounds I found this blog post that will keep my BP high for the rest of the week.  Conscience is often invoked when convenience is at issue.


Lastly, I’m a little concerned about next weeks’ host.  Hopefully both Kim and Nick have the wrong URL, as the referenced blog has been inactive since 2004.  Enquiring minds, and all that.


  1. Yeah, that one’s a little tough to stomach.. Note, acording to the article that she did not change her beliefs, but held the same ones she had when she signed up.

    I’m not even sure forking over $184,000 would satisfy me… I don’t see an easy out; but if she truly cannot serve the miltary in any capacity due to her moral beliefs, where were they when she was taking their money?

  2. Six years service as a general practitioner at an Indian reservation in Montana shouldn’t violate her conscience. That way she can pay back her federal debt.

  3. Doc, was scanning my RSS feeds today and noticed your post and the reference to the incorrect link for next week’s Grand Rounds. Just wanted to give you the correct link to Health Care Law Blog.

  4. Fixed now. Thanks!