MedBlogs Grand Rounds 3:6; Dr. Hebert’s Masterpiece


There have been some entertaining presentations for a Grand Rounds (myself, I’m Joe Friday), but this is a masterpiece: Halloween Grand Rounds


37127957_8f5f102020.jpgAnd now, without further delay, and with apologies to Edgar Allen Poe, I present to you

The Intern

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I rounded weak and weary
Stomach hot and rumbling, I came bleary and a-stumbling
For a cup of hot caffeine through the doctor’s parlor door.
On the sofa lurked before me a shadow breaking silence with rumbling snore.
‘Tis some visitor, I muttered, slumb’ring loudly, bell’wing out that roar.
A sleeping Intern, nothing more.
Ah, distinctly I remember twins delivered last September
Sadly recalled by the Fat Doctor, a patient that she had before;
Or maybe Ghosts the Tundra froze, that living were Yupik Eskimos.
I steeled myself – made no fuss, recalled a day on the Singing Bus
Traveling happily through Uganda, Borneo Breezes dancing
           on the wooden floor.
Simply this, and nothing more.

Holy Cow.  It’ll be a while before I volunteer to host again.  A Bravura performance!