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Litigation Blog comments on the $366 mil Peer Review suit

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Red Cross: Heimlich manuver works for choking. Let’s add back slaps?

In the ?what were they thinking? category: Columbus Dispatch

But the American Red Cross now calls first for back slaps, a method the Heimlich maneuver’s namesake rejects as dangerous and deadly.

Dr. Henry Heimlich, 86, lives in Cincinnati.

Rescuers should start with five back blows and follow with five abdominal thrusts (the Heimlich maneuver), repeating the sequence, advises the Red Cross, which no longer uses the name Heimlich.

Some sense remains:

Despite those findings, the Heart Association continues to teach and recommend the Heimlich exclusively, said Brianne Harman, a spokeswoman for the Columbus office. “It’s easier to teach and easier to remember,” she said. The organization favored staying with the Heimlich “in the absence of data that another procedure is superior,”

So, the Heimlich works, and they decided to add in a step before doing it.

Seems silly to me.