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British Electronic Medical Record breaking records

U.K. Dept of Health: Prescription for Disaster

The NPfIT was initially budgeted at close to $12 billion. That figure is now up to about $24 billion, according to the National Audit Office (NAO), the country’s oversight agency. And it is as high as $28.4 billion, according to other estimates. Even the lower of those two amounts is more than the price tag for building the English Channel Tunnel or Boston’s massive Big Dig project, considered to be the most expensive civil project ever. Worse, the funding established to pay for the system has, temporarily at least, dried up….

Nobody said it would be easy or cheap, but I don’t think anyone thought these projects would cost this much, either.

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MedBlogs Grand Rounds 3:8

Grand Rounds 0308 the rumors were true

Hello there! I am A Very Famous Historian and I welcome you to the Grand Rounds. From a field of over 60 submissions, 26 authors have been chosen to seek the Grail. It will be a dangerous journey full of peril and death may await with nasty big pointy teeth. We shall see if anyone makes it out of these woods….alive. Feel free to traipse past all quotes.

This is probably the future of Grand Rounds, actually selected posts rather than all submitted (though were I to do it this way I’d have a link dump of all submitted posts at the end).


Today I was seeing an adult female patient, and as I was exiting the room, she winked at me.  Though I’m a doctor, I couldn’t help notice she was pretty decent looking, as well.

There I was, feeling good about myself.  (‘Still attractive’ said the inner monologue).


The tests came back, and everything was fine.  I went to give the good news.

Patient: “Good News!”

me: Yes.  You will need pain medicine, as this will hurt tomorrow.  Are there any pain meds you don’t tolerate well?

Pt: “Something with a C made me itch”, and pt. has a conversation with family members, during which, !Another wink!

and then, “I’m a drug rep…” comes out in the conversation.

My flattery is found out: fake.


A drug rep.  Trained, by experience if not instruction to wink at docs.


Aah, well.  Fun while it lasted.