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Bothersome Patient Behaviors

I think every physician at some point laments the subsegment of their specialty that frankly they enjoy the least, and do a little ‘grass is greener’ daydreaming about how in a different specialty they’d see none of their current bane.


That’s why I enjoyed reading a Medscape abstract about

A Survey of Neurologists on Bothersome Patient Behaviors

Results: The response rate was 42.3% (78 respondents). Almost all of the patient behaviors were found to be bothersome or very bothersome. The top 5 most bothersome patient behaviors from most to least were the following: no show for appointment, verbally abusive with your staff, poor compliance with medications or treatment, late for appointment, and do not know the medications that they are taking. Of the 30 items, those behaviors as well as answering cell phones during office visits and unnecessary phone calls after hours were among the most highly rated as bothersome.

Every specialty has its problems.  I’m (mostly) grateful for the problems I have.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds 3:9

Doctor Anonymous

Welcome to the most anticipated Grand Rounds in a long time! These are the 27 best posts that the medical blogosphere has to offer this week. In my editors picks, I wanted to highlight well-written stories. There’s also a short excerpt to check out from the best of the week. I’ve tried to make this a potpourri of posts for your enjoyment. Let’s go!

I think this is the future of Grand Rounds, actual picks as opposed to all of them (with a link dump at the end).