Archives for November 26, 2006

Slow at work, slow at the blog

…is there a symmetry?

Seriously, in the past week I’ve had entire shifts wherein I saw 10 – 15 patients (normal 25+).  The Thanksgiving Day shift was slowest, and it was very nice; despite being an ED that sees more than 80K a year, there’s still a very tight feel to the nursing staff (excellent nursing leadership, the best I’ve ever seen, or heard of).

The slowness allowed several ‘how is your life’ conversations we haven’t had in a while, and that was very pleasant.

Yes, this is the lull before the storm, we know, it happens every year for now the last three years; we’ve decided to enjoy it.  The patients will come soon, in droves, and the ED will get crazy busy.

The blog will get busier, too.