Dead Blogs

I finally took a little look at the blogs in my right sidebar; we all know that most blogs come, and go; bright lights that burn out quickly.

So, there’s now a group of blogs at the bottom of the right sidebar, the dearly departed of the medblogging world.  If I’ve pronounced your blog dead too quickly, please drop me a line.

To save you some scrolling:

Dead Blogs

Ad libitum-EBM
Chronicles of a Medical Mad House
Doc Around the Clock
Doctor Disgruntled
Dr. Andy
Feces Flinging Monkey
Journal Club
Lingual Nerve
nature erratum
Professor MD
Red State Moron
The Modo Blog
Treat Me With Respect
Waking Up Costs

The nature of blogging, the circle of digital life, whatever.  Like real life, enjoy them for what they were.


  1. I’m a new Texas Nursing blogger and I’d love to be added to your blog roll. I’ve added a link to your blog on my blogroll. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the add Doc.

  3. I know, just scrolling through my archaic, circa-2004 blogroll makes me nostalgic. Many of these bloggers were really talented, hosted Grand Rounds, the whole works. It’s sad to see them go…

  4. DocBrayPA says:

    I was cruizing and noticed Doc Around the Clock is still up and posting . . . I guess he’s not quite dead yet.