Life in Texas

Yes, it really is better.  At least for me.

Today, we had the AC on all day, due to a temp of 80 and 68% humidity.  Now it’s 30, the heat’s on, and there are thunderstorms outside.  I’ve never been in a thunderstorm when it’s freezing, so that’s a first.



High today?  80.  Projected high tomorrow?  35, with a low of 22.  It’s not the absolute numbers, it’s the quick change.

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  1. The wife would LOVE for us to head back to DFW… and there IS a season change; 2 weeks of fall, 2 of spring and then 11 months of what I call SAHARA. LOL

  2. 1 degree here this morning (Colorado).

    It’s freaky when we have snowstorms with thunder sometimes.

  3. One of my favorite memories of San Antonio (learning to be a flight surgeon) was the cloud lightning: random lighting of cobblestone clouds across the sky, one here, one there, nearly silently.

  4. I left DFW years ago for the mountains — and could never think of returning. If I have to deal with cold weather (like todays temp of 3 degrees when I got in my car), I want blue skies and scenery to go with it!

  5. Jim in Texas says:

    ….and it was 65 in Connecticut today Allen, I think they stole our weather

  6. Cold and dry tonight.

  7. The front moved into my area of Texas today and forced all of us Road Nurses off the road. I didn’t mind, because last year I tried to be a hero and ended up doing a 380 on the Interstate. But I hope the dang roads are passable tomorrow because I’ve got two post-ops that I’ve absolutely got to go do wound care on.

  8. Alan Tyler says:

    Sounds like the same weather we are having here in NJ.