MedBlogs Grand Rounds 3:8

Grand Rounds 0308 the rumors were true

Hello there! I am A Very Famous Historian and I welcome you to the Grand Rounds. From a field of over 60 submissions, 26 authors have been chosen to seek the Grail. It will be a dangerous journey full of peril and death may await with nasty big pointy teeth. We shall see if anyone makes it out of these woods….alive. Feel free to traipse past all quotes.

This is probably the future of Grand Rounds, actually selected posts rather than all submitted (though were I to do it this way I’d have a link dump of all submitted posts at the end).


  1. I like your idea – to at least have a list of those that were also submitted but not selected to be highlighted for this edition. I hadn’t really thought much about it until reading Dr. A’s blog lately about his upcoming GR hosting, but I do really think that would assuage (?) anyone’s feelings from being hurt. And yeah – even though it shouldn’t be about feelings – people still might feel bad if their post isn’t included. And then who’d keep tally on whose posts got rejected from week to week? What if the same person’s posts were rejected like 3 GR in a row? hmmm… :-/

    I think a nice way to make sure everyone is included without having the super-huge GR’s is to do just what you’ve suggested – make a links list at the bottom for those that weren’t selected that week. Nice way to include everybody and still cut the load down! :)

  2. Hmmm…this idea never occured to me as I was opining on Grand Rounds…

    It certainly would be an option, as then if there were more time to read that week, the reader would have a choice.

    I’m embarrassed I didn’t think of that, although it still puts a lot of pressure on the host to actually do the linking to the 25 posts that aren’t in the body of the ‘Rounds.

    I think I could go either way on this one. Although I might find a more delicate term than “link dump” – LOLOL! It sounds like a bowel movement of “http://www.”s : D Perhaps “Link and Load”?

    Sorry, got the sillies this am! : D