Archives for December 2, 2006

Happiest Fellow I know

My son is the happiest guy I can imagine right now. His alma mater, UCLA beat hated rival USC today in football.

That was after he was accepted to law school, also today.

Like I say, one happy dude. It’s infectious, even to cranky people like me!

symtym’s Top 10 about the ED

First, let’s welcome him back from law-studying hiatus.  Second, his “10 Reasons” is pretty funny.

FSB Magazine reviews Lexus, wants a Buick


Reading CNN I found a review of the 2007 Lexus LS 460 (which I don’t want, but enjoy reading about cars).  The reviewer noted the things from the handouts:

…The eight-speed automatic transmission – nobody else’s has more than seven – delivers smoother shifts and improved fuel economy. …

But then decided to hold forth on one of the cars’ shortcomings, that nearly had coffee on the screen:

Still, a charisma transplant wouldn’t hurt. The exterior sheet metal lacks chrome trim, while inside the leather seat coverings don’t have any piping or exposed stitches – admirable restraint to some, plain and uninspired to others. (emphasis added).

Hehe.  Take a trip sitting on that piping and try to clean those exposed stitches, and enjoy the luxury you want.  Me, I like chrome on a car from the 50’s, and like my seats as smooth as possible.

Added to the “Most Searched”

Every Christmas for the last couple of years I get a lot of searches for the 12 STI’s of Christmas, a British NHS singing cartoon about the types of STD, sung to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

It’s Not Work Safe. It is funny.

And, it’s added to the Most Searched, upper right there.


We occasionally have pre-med college types shadow us in the ED, when they’re trying to decide if medicine is what they want to pursue.  I tell them to do something else, usually real estate, but it’s meant good naturedly (but they should consider it).

I recently had a nice young person follow me around for several hours.  He was quiet, didn’t ask many questions, well mannered, etc.  After about five hours he departed, and I thought no more about him.  Then I got the card; a thank-you note which I may frame and put on my I Love Me wall:


Yes, I removed the names.

That’s how to write a thank you note to make even a doctor blush.  Wow.


I’m going to add him to my Christmas Card list, I think.