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Primer on ED Contracts

Find it here, in an article titled “Turf war leads to ousting of ER docs“:

An ongoing power struggle between Haywood Regional Medical Center CEO David Rice and doctors in the emergency room came to a head last week when the hospital board, at Rice’s recommendation, voted to hand over ER operations to a corporate physician staffing company.

The hospital is terminating its contract with the local group of doctors despite 18 months remaining on their contract. The physician staffing company is slated to assume responsibility for the ER on Dec. 28, but as of Monday it did not have any doctors lined up.

Rice said the decision to replace the ER doctors is necessary for the long-term solvency of the hospital. Rice said the ER doctors have been generally uncooperative in implementing hospital initiatives, such as a new computer system and efforts to reduce patient wait time.

“I think the community will understand we had no other option than to do what we had to do,” Rice said.

Meanwhile Jaben said Rice has attempted to micromanage ER operations and interfered with doctors’ autonomy. The ER doctors objected and are now being ousted as a result, Jaben said.

The biggest sticking point?:

The primary deal-breaker in the contract would give Rice authority to remove an ER doctor. The contract did not spell out specific instances that would warrant such action, but instead left it open-ended and up to Rice’s discretion.

Read the entire article, it’s a series of days-long lectures on contracts and relationships in one article.

And it says nothing good about this set of hospital administrators, but they aren’t the only ones.  Our group was told, in no uncertain terms, that to be renewed we’d all have to amend our contracts to agree to a “No Due Process” dismissal policy.  It rankled then and does now.

MedGadget SciFi Results

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I very much enjoyed getting to read these stories, some more than others, and I think you’d like some of them yourselves!  So. when you have a minute, zoom over and have a read.


And many congrats to author Steve Carper for the winner (I won’t spoil it for you).