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2006 Medical Weblog Awards

Nominations are ready over at MedGadget, and are open until Sunday, December 31st; voting starts January 3, closes January 14th.  I recommend getting over there, reading the rules, and nominating someone (but not me).

The 2006 Medical Blog Awards

There’s a new voting system this year, and it’s outlined at the bottom of the MedGadget post.

Medicine doesn’t stop for the game

Tonight, just prior to the kickoff of the Cowboys game (regionally required viewing) one of our hospitalists stopped by the ED, with the following pronouncement:

“The game’s about to start, so it might take a while for me to call back.”

To which I gave the only reply an ED doc can:

“Okay, call when you can and I’ll tell you how many I admitted to you.”

He called back very quickly, I must say.


For the record, I very much prefer working with hospitalists rather than the olden days of community physicians who admitted their own patients; I don’t have to advocate for a patients’ admission nearly as much with hospitalists versus the private physicians.  (And there are exceptions to every rule; right now I know of two private docs who are wonderful to call: encyclopedic knowledge of their patients and their problems, helpful, etc).  Kudos to my hospitalist colleagues.