Archives for December 17, 2006

East Valley AZ news on ED overcrowding

In a very well written article from Arizona’s East Valley Tribune was this gem of a quip:

Down the hall, another woman is briefly handcuffed to her hospital bed. Mesa police arrested her for drunken driving and after finding a crack pipe in her car. A diabetic, she complained of lethargy and low blood sugar. Police brought her to the ER’s back door.

“We call it ‘arrest-o-genic shock,’ ” says Jane Rich, the night charge nurse who’s just taken over for Howard. “Sometimes I feel like we’re running a day care for naughty little children.”

It’s a very good article, and doesn’t try to whitewash the issue.  Apparently everyone knows there’s a crisis in the ED’s, but nobody knows how to fix it.  (And, as Symtym says, “Just go to the ER is not a national health policy”).