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MMR researcher paid by lawyers

via Blacktriangle:

The lead researcher in the “MMR causes autism” paper (since partially retracted) was paid by a legal group suing the manufacturers of the MMR vaccine:

Times OnlineMMR doctor given legal aid thousands

Brian Deer

ANDREW WAKEFIELD, the former surgeon whose campaign linking the MMR vaccine with autism caused a collapse in immunisation rates, was paid more than £400,000 by lawyers trying to prove that the vaccine was unsafe.

The payments, unearthed by The Sunday Times, were part of £3.4m distributed from the legal aid fund to doctors and scientists who had been recruited to support a now failed lawsuit against vaccine manufacturers.

Critics this weekend voiced amazement at the sums, which they said created a clear conflict of interest and were the “financial engine” behind a worldwide alarm over the triple measles, mumps and rubella shot.

Investigation, anyone?

Original Lancet article abstract and the Lancet Editorial on the partial retraction.