Coffee and my mind

In cartoon form:


Exactly right.  (Who is watching me?)

Hat tip to reader Big Jim


  1. Yup – I’d really like to have a continuous IV pump of caffeine going in some days! Although, we do give caffeine to some of the babies (apnea of prematurity – and its given either IV or po) and sometimes it makes them incredibly irritable, jittery, agitated, gassy, and gives them stomach upset. What are we doing to ourselves? LOL

    I know I didn’t work for a week, but today, I was so incredibly exhausted – it was hard to work at all!

    Take care,
    Carrie :)

  2. With the often frantic pace, multitasking and rapid decision-making requirements in an ED, caffeine is a useful adjunct even if I’m not feeling sleepy. Hyperalertness (to a point) is better than normal alertness. The use of caffeine is widespread in the military, and they have performed several studies on the subject.

  3. You think that’s bad? My wife works for Starbuck’s and, as a perk, gets a pound of coffee beans every week. Any bets on how stressed my adrenals are? :) (:

  4. You know, I quit drinking, began limiting fat in my diet, am trying to give up sugar, and try not to add salt to my food. But they’ll have to pry the coffee cup out of my cold dead hand…..

  5. I just got a coffee mug for Christmas….. Well, I don’t actually drink coffee (isn’t that a shame?) so it’ll have to be used for hot chocolate or tea instead, but still! My apartment complex also gave me one as a holiday gift…so in reality, I got TWO coffee mugs for Christmas!! (God must be trying to help me out here….I’ve been begging for more caffeine… LOL)

    On a bit more serious and less amusing note, I should say that ever since I spent 2 years taking topamax (been off since Jan 2004….), I’ve had to be on concerta and have gone on and off and back on with afternoon short-acting ritalin doses. If that crap can’t keep my brain awake, then I’m not sure the coffee mugs have much of a chance either! ;)

    I do enjoy chugging a red bull or two when needed!

  6. Has anyone tried the caffeine gum yet? I haven’t seen it anywhere.

  7. I need a whack of that! Im delirious, eyes blurring, im seeing double nurses – a scary sight – and an ECG – well they are all VT to me tonight! Im shocking everyone!!! All clear!!!

    Kevin on the twilight shift

  8. Goatwhacker says:

    All kinds of good caffeine stuff at including this handy sampler:

  9. I cannot help but notice that the hairstyle in the cartoon and that on my head are very, very similar.

    Disturbing on many levels.