Critical Equipment Failure

I was walking into work yesterday, and the very first thing anyone says to me is “the coffee maker is broken”.  I briefly considered leaving (“no coffee, no work”), but steeled myself for the horror of a caffeine-free shift.

Then, I remembered I have resources and a loving family, who I also knew were visiting a Target store at that minute.  Coincidence?  I think not.

An hour later, a new coffee maker for me the department, and I spared my colleagues the discomfort of seeing me in full caffeine withdrawal.

That was close. 


  1. Oh, geez. You got lucky.

    We’re not so lucky in my department today. We’re out of coffee grounds. But we’re just Logistics and Purchasing, so we can be mean and cranky, there’s no patients around.

  2. You are indeed, brave. I know full grown men who would have dropped to their knees, cried out “Why God, WHY” and curled up in the fetal position under a desk.

  3. Methinks you need to have an emergency coffee “maker”. You can purchase a single cup Melita cone to fit on a mug. 4x4s can always function as a filter; as long as you have coffee and a microwave to heat the water, you will at least be able to make single cups of Joe.
    Not ideal, but enough to get you a fix and prevent a meltdown at work.

  4. Mrs. Gruntdoc must be a new favorite of the staff!

  5. I don’t have time to drink coffee. Caffeine comes in pill form too.

  6. If I were part of your ER staff, you would for sure be my favorite doc today.

    Our coffee maker died last year and I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the shift without it. Fortunately, the new one was in place by the next time I worked.

  7. EMTtoDoc, did you see me do that? How embarrassing. GruntDoc is on to something, I think i’ll have to add the “no coffee = no work” clause in my next contract.

  8. THAT is a “save of the month” nominee…

  9. When ours died a few weeks ago, the supervisor immediately went acrros the street to Walmart and bought a new one. She said, “We can’t work without it. I’ll be back as soon asI can.”