Doc Aound the Clock Revives

Doc Around The Clock: My Extended Vacation
and has at least something to show for ignoring his blog:

When we last left our regularly scheduled programming I was on the road to becoming a healthier and thinner me. If you recall I was 221 pounds and 5’5″ with a goal of 170 pounds and a height of 6’1″. Well I am pleased to announce that I am currently 160 lbs, but quite unfortunately still 5’5″. But at least much more height/weight proportional .

Welcome back, and I’ve taken you out of the “Dead Blogs” roll.


  1. I’m waiting until New Year’s before officially putting myself in weight loss mode. I’m now about 6 months into intern year. Weight on starting residency – ~170lbs, current weight – I don’t know, the scale just laughs at me but definitely a lot heavier.

  2. Thanks Gruntdoc. Glad to be outta the dead blog rolls.