FSB Magazine reviews Lexus, wants a Buick


Reading CNN I found a review of the 2007 Lexus LS 460 (which I don’t want, but enjoy reading about cars).  The reviewer noted the things from the handouts:

…The eight-speed automatic transmission – nobody else’s has more than seven – delivers smoother shifts and improved fuel economy. …

But then decided to hold forth on one of the cars’ shortcomings, that nearly had coffee on the screen:

Still, a charisma transplant wouldn’t hurt. The exterior sheet metal lacks chrome trim, while inside the leather seat coverings don’t have any piping or exposed stitches – admirable restraint to some, plain and uninspired to others. (emphasis added).

Hehe.  Take a trip sitting on that piping and try to clean those exposed stitches, and enjoy the luxury you want.  Me, I like chrome on a car from the 50’s, and like my seats as smooth as possible.