Some Dude avoidance strategy

From the comments to Shot in the Face, discussing Some Dude and the crime wave that always seems to follow:

Some Dude is a notoriously dangerous character. I always recommend that, for personal safety, one always drink more than 2 beers and intrude in other people’s affairs. Because, if you are minding your own busisness and have only had 2 beers Some Dude while undoubtly sucker punch you.

Many thanks to commenter Tom for the words of advice.


  1. Around here, its two dudes. Nobody ever admits to getting beat up by only one dude.

  2. Soar Loosers says:

    2 dudes, 2 beers, after 2 AM….That’s the Law of Two’s.

  3. Guys, don’t you know that the “Dudes” are a new gang that started here in Savannah. They always wear black (like the Crips wear blue and the Bloods red) and as “scalpel” said always come in pairs.

  4. Here in North Texas, it apparently just takes one Dude to do the job; no data on whether this makes the singular Dude tougher or the victim softer, or some other confounding variable.

    And, from listening to the conversations between victims and the Police, they might as well be Ninjas: no idea what they looked like, clothing, number of teeth, etc.

  5. What about the tooth to tatoo ratio?

  6. When it comes to property crime, there’s Some Dude’s buddy, Nobody. For instance:

    “Yes, sir, that parking receipt is from our garage, but Nobody’s seen your car here.”

    “Nobody could have gotten in here to take your mail…”