Archives for January 10, 2007

And my big Screw You award of the evening

…goes to the nursing home (and the nursing home doctor) who sent their discharge failure to my ED tonight with copies of their medical record and a hand-written order on the chart “Discharge patient to Emergency Room”.

The patient was accompanied by a social worker who was trying to effect this discharge, as they had been unable to do for several days.  To this individuals’ minor credit, when it was explained that a) there seemed to be no emergency condition, b) that an emergency screening exam would take place, and that c) at the conclusion of that exam, if no emergency condition was found, the patient would be discharged Right Back To Them, and that d) any failure to take the patient back would result in a blizzard of reports to any and every state agency who would listen about their attempted dump, they acquiesced and took their patient back.


Every day I go to work and think I’ve seen it all, and every day I’m surprised, in some way. 

You’d think I’d learn.