Archives for January 15, 2007

A different style of Concierge Medicine

…this time from an Emergency Medicine perspective:

Vail Daily: Doc HollywoodResortMed now employs eight Vail-area doctors and four more in the Aspen area, and their 24/7 service hits the road in three specialized Jeeps. Far from the classical house-call doctor’s black bag, these Jeeps come armed with everything an emergency doctor needs, including IV fluids, meds, oxygen and even a hyperbaric chamber, when necessary.
“We can distinguish between what is routine and what is truly an emergency – with our equipment and training, chances are good we can handle 99 percent of problems in a hotel room or home,” Davis said. “It’s a dramatic shift when you think about it. A guest comes to the valley, and they spend a lot money to be in a resort property. The idea of replacing those moments with a hospital stay or time in a waiting room is not good. This is a good substitution. The idea of watching TV in their comfortable hotel room when the doctor comes to them became very appealing once guests became aware that the service exists.”

It’s written by one of their entertainment reporters, which (I suppose) explains all the name dropping, though I’d have thought discretion would be the better part of valor in such a business.