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ED waiting room patients offered $10 to leave

via Kevin, MD, who must have the AP newswire in his living room…

Woman files complaint that doctor offered patients $10 to go home

Frank Dobrovnik
Local News – Wednesday, January 17, 2007 Updated @ 7:27:58 AM

An Echo Bay woman plans to file a complaint with Sault Area Hospital that an emergency room doctor was offering patients $10 to go home.
Diane Edwards had been waiting eight hours to get a prescription refilled when a physician told the “room full of people he’d pay them $10” each if they left, she told CBC Radio in Sudbury this week.
“I didn’t appreciate it, being there for that long,” said Edwards, who does not have a family doctor.

I don’t know of a working emergency physician who hasn’t at least thought it, and I occasionally joke about it, but someone has an impulse control problem, at best.

Oh, and the ED isn’t a place to go to get your prescription refilled.  Sorry.

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