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Health Insurance is not a "Right"

It’s a reprint of a 1993 article, and its main points are still valid, in, by Leonard Peikoff:

Just one of the quotable quotes:

As with any good or service that is provided by some specific group of men, if you try to make its possession by all a right, you thereby enslave the providers of the service, wreck the service, and end up depriving the very consumers you are supposed to be helping. To call “medical care” a right will merely enslave the doctors and thus destroy the quality of medical care in this country, as socialized medicine has done around the world, wherever it has been tried, including Canada (I was born in Canada and I know a bit about that system first hand).

via On The Fence Films.

Update: TrenchDoc links to an audio program from NPR; it’s an hour long, and not much new, except everyone wants a change but cannot agree where we ought to go.