Anecdotal Evidence

# 10.7bn:

I was working during tonight’s Cowboys/Seahawks game, and saw exactly 6 (six) patients in the first two hours of my shift that started the same time the game did.  (For comparison, the day before I saw 21 in the same time)(really).

The game ended, and, yes, in the patients came.  Weird.

Oh, the score: Seattle 21  Dallas 20.


  1. How true! When I get a consult from the ED during a big game I know the patient is going to be really sick (or not a football fan).

  2. The quietest day I have ever had on call, dating back to medical school, was the day the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl for the first time. My beeper went off exactly once in 24 hours!

  3. The ‘Boys are getting lazy…….

  4. Laces out, Romo. ;)

    I heard from friends that the same thing happened when the Sox were in Game 7 of the ALCS in 2004 (albeit in Boston, not Texas. heh.)…

  5. The new stadium is going to be beyond awesome. I wish I were a doctor so I could afford season tickets.

  6. soar_loosers says:

    Must be nice to work in a city where all the people can afford cable TV or tickets to a ball game. Where I’m at (major division I university in town), despite a major ball game with national championship implications, they still pile in to our ED for stupid complaints.

  7. What kind of patients do you see? 21 patients/2 hours = 10.5 patients/hour, or a new patient encounter every 5.7 minutes for 2 hours straight (including orders, room to room, etc.). I realize that may be “just getting them started”, but I can’t think of any patient encounters short of urgent care stuff (in-out) where one doesn’t have something to do or check on within that time frame. Maybe I work in a different world, but usually any time I have more than 6-7 or so patients there’s something that I can do to disposition someone I’ve already seen. Of course, I have no residents, NPs/PAs, etc. and usually don’t see urgent care patients, but I still wonder.

  8. Yes, it’s just getting the most seriously ill or injured initially evaluated and their workups started. No quick-care, just the more acute ones.

    We have scribes, which are a terrific tool to maximize your efficiency. (And, it took 3 1/2 hours more to adequately dispo those patients, during which time I didn’t see anyone new).

  9. Ohhhhhh yeah – Eagles games when I worked in a major trauma center – always an empty place! Instead today in the NICU, well – our unit isn’t affected by football games – at least not patient-wise, but when I heard one of our respiratory therapists yelling from the lounge as Westbrook ran in the first TD for the birds, well….it was all the way up the hall. Very funny! I didn’t realize I could wear my Eagles McNabb jersey to work today, so next Sunday – that’s what I’m wearing!!

    The Cowboys finish was on all of our minds as we watched Detmer/Akers kick in our winning field goal!

    Lovin TO down there? heh…. ;)

    Take care!
    Carrie :)

  10. :) In Hungary, we are just getting closer to the NFL, but during that match I couldn’t phone any of my friends (all of them are medical students). BTW, I like your blog and add you to my blogroll.