Diabetes Mine has a new book out

From Amy Tenderich, Blogger Extrordinaire and Lilly Award Winner:
KnowNumbersI wanted to let you all know that the new book I’ve  co-authored with Dr. Richard Jackson of Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston is now published! 
It’s called Know Your Numbers, Outlive Your Diabetes – the first-ever hands-on guide to help patients identify and manage their most critical health risks with diabetes.  It also guides people in setting doable action plans, giving them confidence and hope that a long and healthy life with diabetes is possible.

We’re very excited, and early reviews from doctors, educators and other patients are big thumbs-up so far.
The book is available at Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc.  As of today, you can also order a copy directly off my blog (www.diabetesmine.com) and get a free trial pack of ExtendBars (slow-release carb snack).
Check it out.
Thanks much!
– Amy

So, if it at all interests you, please get a copy!