Docs and Blogging

Via Blogdigger, I find the following at Digital Influence Mapping Project:

A colleague asked whether doctors were taking up with social media – i.e. starting blogs, participating in social networks/communities.

The simple answer is yes. We know this from our own research and observation as well as the good work of Dimitry of TrustedMD and Fard at Healthcare VOX. Physicians has been a traditionally non-tech savvy crowd except when you take into account generational change. Then they start to look like trailblazers. For instance, my doctor – Dr. K – old-school all the way. He barely says a full sentence to me when I am in the office and has a fleet of “girls” in the front office to operate the fax machine and other high-tech equipment. But any doctor 40 and under is walking in to the profession with PDA in hand, email-smart and even with their MySpace page up and accruing “friends” (okay, that’s for the 28-year-old doc). This is yet another case of a demographic commonly misunderstood as “not online.”

There’s a lot more, in which Kevin, MD and yr. hmbl. srvnt. are described as, I kid you not, “A-list bloggers”.  It’s an interesting ‘outsider’ analysis of different types of doctor blogging.


  1. I liked it too. :)

  2. There is a new group of physician bloggers forming at Revolution Health, FYI. I am spearheading the effort to get a broad range of docs into the blogosphere, including presidents of professional associations and department chairs. I’m really excited – we have 116 docs consulting with us and we’ve had 30 new bloggers in the past few weeks. If you’d like links to all of these, I can send you my bloglines folder full of their RSS feeds. For now you might enjoy my post about this initiative:

  3. How truly Revolutionary! Looks like blogging-for-hire to me.

  4. Heh. I had thoughts down the same lines…