Predicting the ICD future

The Blog That Ate Manhattan: What’s Inside?

I wouldn’t bet against her.


  1. Did you read the comment from Schruggling?

    “Here is my thing…if we are going down the implantable device route, I, like TBTAM, want “stuff” with it.

    “Imagine that you can get scanned at the store and you pay for your goods without carrying a wallet. My chiropractor would LOVE that idea!

    “Also, it should definitely have capabilities with Bluetooth technology….MP3, cell phone, wifi, hell, why not EZ Pass too!

    “For the conspriacy theorist out there, the unit probably already has a GPS in it, so that the government can track you down anywhere you are, but they will market it as “Never get lost again with the internal navigation system”. Those Bastards!

    “If they get it to do broadcast reminders, it would be just one more voice in the head of all those schizophrenics out there. How convenient!

    “Since I travel outside the country a lot, I would love for it to do all of the translating I need. It can listen to person I am speaking with, translate it, broadcast it back to me in English then give me the words and phrases in the other language for correspondance.

    “I already can not imagine how I can live without this thing!

    “Now that is peace of mind!!

  2. Right….. Time to check out the stock options……

    William sends.