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Corporate Suicide Alert

Fast on the heels of my endorsment of PEPID over Epocrates comes this stunner, from Epocrates (in my email):

We think it’s important to let you know that many Palm® OS and Windows Mobile® (Pocket PC) OS software applications, including all Epocrates products, cannot at this time be installed or synced via computers with the new Windows Vista operating system. 

We strongly recommend that if at all possible, you postpone installing Vista or upgrading to a new PC with Vista installed. 

Since resolution of this problem depends upon software changes by both Palm and Microsoft, we regret that we cannot give you a firm date for a fix.

If you are already using Windows Vista, please review our FAQ for the latest recommendations from our customer support and engineering teams. Read FAQ »

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


The Epocrates Team

Huh?  Did they not know the biggest maker and most aggressive distributor of operating systems was coming out with Vista?

I’m not using Vista (I’ll wait for SP1 before I even look at it), but this seems particularly clueless for a medical software company.

Texas Medical Association Does Not Support HPV Mandate

Well, this is an interesting turn of events, from the TMA website:

TMA supports “strongly supports” physicians’ ability to immunize young girls with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine but does not at this point endorse Gov. Rick Perry’s mandate that the vaccine be administered for all girls entering sixth grade in 2008, says TMA President Ladon Homer, MD. TMA’s position was developed by the association’s Council on Public Health.

“Organized medicine has and will continue to promote prevention as a best practice for the health and wellness of all Texans,” Dr. Homer said. “This includes supporting a recommendation to administer the HPV vaccine and acknowledging its potential to prevent cervical cancer among Texas women. However, mandating a vaccine for a disease not spread by casual and/or occupational contact – and currently only available to one gender – represents a considerable departure from past practice concerning school immunization requirements. School immunization requirements came into existence to protect school children from outbreaks of contagious disease in the school setting, not to compel vaccination.”

“TMA has played a proactive and involved role in Texas’ previous vaccine debates and would prefer that any vaccine mandate for school entry be vetted through the legislative and regulatory process to ensure stakeholder input from all interested parties,” Dr. Homer said.

(emphasis mine).

This legislative session may be more interesting than usual.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Please note I’ve spared no expense in bringing you a new, decorative header graphic, just for today.

Now, quit reading blogs and figure out how to express your feelings to your sweetheart!