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Panda Bear and 10 things to like about Emergency Medicine

A former Marine and an EM Resident:has written a pretty good list:

Panda Bear, MD: Ten Things I Like About My Job
4. My colleagues are as profane and irreverent as I am making for a really fun work environment even when things are ostensibly blowing hard. While we are circumspect around the patients and in areas where the usual compassion fascists prowl, I have only heard Marines and sailors swear as much or tell more off-color jokes. This may bother some of you but (and I say this with respect) you can pound sand. If you don’t like it, go into a specialty at a program where they wouldn’t say shit if they had a mouthful, gather up your skirts, and waggle your fingers while making tsk-tsk noises to your heart’s content.

That was my favorite, but you should read the whole list.