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Emergency Landing Saves Stroke Patient

Lucky outcomes all around:

CLEVELAND — Surviving a stroke is no easy task, and timing is crucial: A stroke victim must get the right medicine right away.

So, imagine how serious it would be to have a stroke on an airplane, in the middle of a cross-country flight.

NewsChannel5’s Alicia Booth reported on one local woman who experienced this ordeal and how she is recovering from it.

As a highly successful 40-year-old attorney and mother of two, Jean Robertson didn’t have time to be sick — she had a plane to catch.

“I started to feel a headache come on but I suffer from migraine headaches, so I immediately rationalized it as a migraine,” Robertson said.

Robertson said she chatted for quite a while with the businessman next to her.

“He kind of looked at me and said, ‘Excuse me?’ And apparently at some point in our conversation I stopped making sense,” she said. “I go like this to touch my face intuitively and I realize my entire head is numb.”

Fortunately, there was a doctor on the plane who helped convince the pilot and the airline that an emergency landing was necessary to save Robertson’s life.

I’m supposing this patient got TPA for her stroke from the way the article is worded, but I’m having trouble with the timeline if that’s the case.  In any event, good for everyone involved!