Dilbert and Google medicine

Catbert strikes again, on medicine and Google:

Catbert and Google


  1. That is funny—and painfully so. I found out something about myself this week. I will confess that the topic of whether or not healthcare is a “right” (or not) has awakened some very strong feelings in me. I don’t think that a doctor’s labor is somebody else’s “right”, but yet I long for an answer to the problem so that all of us can have access to medical care. Every day I take care of patients who have something that I don’t have–health insurance. And I’m envious…

  2. Ha, it always drives me nuts when my wife diagnoses herself on Google. Often it is the worse end of the scale of course and I always work on the redirect to her GP. As a software guy I liken it to a physician reading ‘how to program in Microsoft Access in 5 days’ and then writing a healthcare information system, ha, ha.

  3. I cut this one out and took it to work. Seriously though, I’m convinced that Catbert is our HR director ;)

  4. ERNursey – we must work for the same place! I, too, am going to cut it out & post it. That damned HSA thing we’ve got is not much better than Google.

  5. Maybe we should start using this with the Marines? heh heh