Medpundit and Kaiser’s EMR


Birth Pangs: There aren’t too many hosannas being sung to electronic medical records at Kaiser these days:

Kaiser Permanente’s $4-billion effort to computerize the medical records of its 8.6 million members has encountered repeated technical problems, leading to potentially dangerous incidents such as patients listed in the wrong beds, according to Kaiser documents and current and former employees.

At times, doctors and medical staff at the nation’s largest nonprofit health maintenance organization haven’t had access to crucial patient information, and system outages have led to delays in emergency room care, the documents show.

There’re a lot of ‘ifs’ in the upside to the EMR.


  1. How much with the US save if every physicians practise and hospital used an open source Healthcare Information System?

  2. John Mar says:

    I think the best medical billing software in my opinion is from allegiancemd, we have been using it for 5 years. We love it.