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Wasabi in Space

From Wired:

Wired News
The spicy greenish condiment was squirted out of a tube while astronaut Sunita Williams was trying to make a pretend sushi meal with bag-packaged salmon. The three space station crew members are given a certain number of bonus packs of their favorite foods to help endure their months in space where most meals are the equivalent of military MREs.

Since everything is weightless, spilled food is no ordinary clean-up challenge.

“We finally got the wasabi smell out after it was flying around everywhere,” Williams told her mother this week in a conversation arranged by Boston radio station WBZ. “We cleaned it up off the walls a little bit.”

Unfortunately for Williams, the wasabi tube has been banished to a cargo vehicle where it will stay packed away.

“I don’t think we’re going to use it anymore,” she said. “It’s too dangerous.”

My own brush with wasabi.  I can’t imagine it loose in a weightless environment.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds Here next week

This is mostly for those who read this blog by RSS (both of you), but FYI: Grand Rounds will be at this blog next week. 

No theme.  Quelle surprise.

Write what you want; I will select the best “x” number of posts to be featured, but all submitted posts will be included.

So far, I have 200 posts (+/- 195) for my fourth hosting of Grand Rounds, so the sooner the better.  Deadline 7PM on Monday.