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The Snidely Whiplash Inverse Proportionality Theorem of Family Plans

As a lead-in: a ‘Family Plan’ in the ED is when there are several patients in the same room, usually with the same complaint, but not always. For some reason nobody’s last name is the same, either, but that’s beside the point. I have always held that one of them might be ill, and the rest are there because, well, they’re there.

Now comes MDOD with a fiendishly elegant theorem: M.D.O.D.: The Snidely Whiplash Inverse Proportionality Theorem of “Family Plans”

Though I haven’t done the math, it looks about right from here.

Epocrates sorted out its Vista problems…

via the Palmdoc Chronicles

Epocrates supports Vista

Erica Sniad has wrttien in to let us know that all Epocrates products (Palm OS and Windows Mobile) are compatible with the Windows Vista operating system:

“For Palm devices, our initial testing appeared to show problems, and we elected to take the conservative route and recommend that users delay upgrading. However, after more extensive testing, we are confident that the vast majority of users will have no problems installing and syncing Palm devices with Windows Vista systems. Users can refer to Epocrates’ Support page for more details….”

Good for them.