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Polite Dissent explains House, MD

Scott at Polite Dissent has an article in this edition of AMA (Virtual Mentor) Clinical pearl wherein he explains some of the House, MD diagnoses:

Clinical pearl
Virtual Mentor. 2007; 9:197-200.

In search of obscure diagnoses: House

by Scott F. Morrison, MD

House is a show about zebras.

Some time in medical school or residency, every young doctor is told: “When you hear hoof beats, look for horses, not zebras.” In other words, focus on the common causes of symptoms first, not the obscure ones.

Gregory House, MD, the specialist other doctors call when they can’t make the diagnosis, takes the opposite approach….

BZ to Scott. Polite Dissent isn’t a ‘usual’ medblog, concerning itself with comics and their medical aspects, but if you’re not checking it out you should be.