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I am a very deadline-oriented person.  This isn’t a terribly mature way to go through life, and occasionally it works to my disadvantage.  The absolute worst thing that can happen is when I’m asked to do something, and am then told ‘oh, it’s not due for a long time’.  That task will then be left on the desk.

This doesn’t mean I forget about it.  I consider all my procrastinating and procrastinatable tasks every day.  I track their non-completion in my To Do list.  I spend more mental energy planning when to get around to doing these tasks than I would spend if I actually did them.  Goofy.

This morning I cannot sleep (night shift to day shift flip hasn’t worked sleep-wise yet, and the time change didn’t help), so, the two letters of recommendation I have been putting off got done.  One I’ve been putting off for about two weeks, the other actually has a close-in deadline.  I enjoyed writing these letters, and always agree to write letters of rec for my scribes when they ask.  My only request is that they give me a copy of their CV.  One I got was six pages, well written, and made me glad I don’t have to compete against this guy to get into med school today.

Aah, well.  I’ll have to get more things to not do, to fill the time.

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