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Panda Bear, MD has a new domain

It is

Attention ABEM Diplomates

I just got an email notifying all of us that the 2004 LLSA closes March 31st.  So, if you haven’t taken it, time to get on the stick.


(If this post appears to be written in Greek, just ignore it).

Resident Call and reality

Calling it like he sees it: Panda Bear, MD: Blackwhite, an explication of residency call hours.

My last call shift was roughly 6 years ago, and I wouldn’t do it again. I do remember thinking that my patient care wasn’t impaired but my sense of humor was. It was the first thing I lost as fatigue set in.

I may have said this before, but the happiest day of my life, bar none, was when I handed my pager to the department secretary and vowed never to have another.

And, I think residency call could still be fixed. With a lot more residents.

One thing leads to another

Take a minute and read this post: M.D.O.D.: Butterfly Effect, especially of you’re considering getting a tattoo.

Because, one thing leads to another.