A Picture, outside the ED

Hoping to grow an IV pole?


  1. That flower pot wants to be a part of the hospital so badly that it is growing an IV pole! Incredible! lol ;) (What are they really growing? Something viney?)

  2. Mrs. Fred says:

    How about a series of photos over time, showing what (if anything) actually GROWS in this pot?

  3. Looks like the pot needs more than just the IV pole. It needs a couple of liters of fluid if it expects to have any growth.

    NS for the medicine guys, LR for the surgeons. Take your pick.

  4. May it flourish and grow. Or if not, may it support a lovely patio tomato, so that your patients get their veggies and you get your Press-Ganey scores….

  5. Excellent place for the patients to hang their IV bags when they’re ‘going outside to smoke’.

  6. You know that hyperal is great for plants, right? I know some nurses have taken leftover bags of hyperal and used it to feed their plants! Supposedly the plants love it!

  7. That’s great! You should have a caption contest to see who comes up with the best caption!

  8. None of you have played IV Pole Javelin? Seriously?
    Once all of the fun has been had, the follow up game is almost always horseshoes.