Attention ABEM Diplomates

I just got an email notifying all of us that the 2004 LLSA closes March 31st.  So, if you haven’t taken it, time to get on the stick.


(If this post appears to be written in Greek, just ignore it).


  1. Craps! Thanks for reminding me. Gotta go cram now. No more blogging.

  2. Well, there are benefits to being an outsider. Heh.

  3. Thanks for the reminder again. I couldn’t get the articles mailed to me in a timely manner so I just sat down in front of the ‘puter and took the test anyway at the very last minute. 98% on the very first try in about under an hour. Not too shabby for taking it cold without any studying.

    ITP? Who the hell chose that topic as one of the required readings? And the Salter-Harris fractures, my gawd, that’s so medical student level. As a guy who’s residency trained, board certified and re-certed once, I was offended to see the Salter-Harris classification as one of the required reading and actually a question on the LLSA exam. I thought the whole idea of Life Long Learning was to be updated on the newest and latest advancements out there, not a review of things that should have been learned during med school, and certainly not something esoteric that does not pertain at all to Emergency Medicine. They gotta do a better job at article selection. That’s all I’m a sayin’, ya know?

  4. Glad to be of assistance.

    I’d be much less against the LLSA if a) the articles were actually meaningful to EM and b) the successful passage counted for CME credit,or somesuch.