I got a lot of compliments at work today.

And, they were all about my shirt.

Today I wore a nice pink-striped shirt to the second job.  The regular gig uniform is scrubs and a lab coat.  It’s a nice coat, monogrammed and everything (and the FAAEM gets a lot of ?what does that mean? queries), but we’re all dressed the same, day in and day out.

The second job is a lot more individual, dress code wise.  A number of the physicians wear jeans and a collared shirt, +/- a lab coat, and I wear nice slacks and usually one of these really neat camp shirts.  The ‘hidden pockets’ are a nice place to stash prescription pads, my Tarascon’s pharmacopoeia, and the like (and make for double-takes from people who see me produce items from nowhere).  Today, none were available.

So, my choices in the closet were Hawaiian loud, Hawaiian less loud, or my nice pink shirt.  Easy choice.

And, it was terrifically weird getting a lot of compliments about wearing pink.  To me, it’s just another color, but apparently I’m wrong on that front.

For the record, I have no trouble wearing pink, but I don’t do it to prove a thing, I have nothing to prove.

Except that I’m not completely sartorially challenged.


  1. i love pink too and like wearing add colors mostly..

  2. Were the compliments from women or from lots of affectionate looking men?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m a solo internist. When I wear the pink shirt my wife picked out I get alot of comments from female patients and most drug reps.

  4. Jim in Texas says:

    I like the description from the camp shirt link you provided

    Our patented hidden document pockets are large enough to stash flight tickets, maps, etc., and subtle enough to stow-away a small backup

    That’s a shirt I could like.

    Pity it doesn’t come in pink though

  5. It would be very nice in pink, I agree. Heck, I’d get one, and wear it.