Overlawyered links an “I’ll Sue You” Rock Video

Overlawyered: "I’ll sue ya"

Amusingly enough, docs are left out.

Update: Thanks to a commenter I learn it’s a Weird Al song. No wonder I liked it.


  1. That’s a great new Weird Al song. He only does the absurdist parody, and unfortunately, talking about doctors getting sued would be too close to reality.

  2. There’s no shock value in suing doctors, GruntDoc.

  3. Just an FYI – for some reason, your comments don’t show up in Firefox. I apologize if I double posted, but nothing was showing up.

  4. There is some discussion mounting regarding the ethics of medical blogging about patients. Click and link to my site to read the article.


  5. TheNewGuy says:

    Weird Al is one of the most underrated artists in music. His stuff is consistently hilarious.

    The man has a true comic genius.