Archives for April 20, 2007

Dr. Leap and the ‘Ask Me’ button

Dr. Edwin Leap ( is probably the most gifted Emergency Physician writer (he’s so good he has a paid gig writing for EM News).  Here’s the latest available on the EM News site (which has gotten much better since I last bashed them):

Ask me. It’s a question being posed by a little badge now worn by nurses around the country. It seems harmless enough. At our little hospital, it means, Ask me if I’ve washed my hands. Seems like a reasonable and harmless question. Some places, it probably means, Ask me if I have done my time-out, or some other little administrative caution. It’s one more little reminder to do the right thing.

We get a lot of those these days. …

I was thinking. Maybe, as we do our time-outs and scrub our hands red, as we smile and get cups of ice and endure abuse with a smile, we could create our own Ask Me buttons. But let’s ask some questions with a twist. How about some buttons that ask the things clinicians want to ask everyone else? How about these:

Ask me: If my opinion has ever been silenced with the threat of firing.

Truly entertaining, a delight to read.