Archives for April 23, 2007

I bought a new car this weekend

…a Toyota Prius.

This doesn’t mean I’ve decided to become some holier-than-thou eco-weenie.  It’s just a car that makes sense for me, and I really like gadgets, so win-win!

I left the house to go buy a Ford Expedition EL, roughly the size of a supertanker (and unfortunately without the supertanker of fuel needed to supply it), and I liked it enough: big, powerful, and total overkill for my purposes.  I had a little voice in the back of my head telling me this was a bad idea, and that voice somehow arranged for me to deal with the least interesting auto dealer I’ve met.  Following an hour of attempted financial abuse I finally left, without a deal.

Driving away, I asked myself what I needed, and came up with ‘fun commuter’.  I’d looked at the Prius online a decent amount ( the technology fascinates me), and knew it had all the electronic goodies I could possibly want.  So, off to the Toyota house.  (An aside: my daughter was with me, I asked her to call to make sure they had some for drives, and she asked the cellular operator for “The Fort Worth Toyota house”, which made me laugh, as it’s southwestern slang to call a dealership a ‘ brand house’.  The operator didn’t understand, so she had to ask for the Toyo dealer, and all was well).

The world is an odd place, so of course my salesman there wasn’t just a former Marine, he’d been on the same boat as me during my deployment (attached to our unit, but peripherally)!  After 5 minutes of conversations, it was off to the drive.  I liked it, and bought it.  Now I don’t know why they have any left on the lot, they’re pretty slick.

Oh, and I did some freeway to and from Dallas, and a commute to work, and I’ve gotten 44mpg so far.  It’s a far cry from the 60/51 advertised, but it’s still a whole lot better than anything else I’d looked at, and a lot better then the SUV I traded in (17mpg).


Now I need to decorate it like this guy, and for the same reason…