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Dr. Schwab and the trans-vaginal cholecystectomy

Surgeonsblog: Holes shows once again why he’s a great additon to the medical blogosphere:

… According to those that advocate such things as pulling an appendix out a person’s mouth or anus, the aim is to reduce pain and scarring for patients. I call bullshit. I think the motivation is “Hey, look at me!”

I hope he isn’t assimilated by the borg, but that’s his decision.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds 3:31

Med Valley High

On Wednesday, last week, there was nothing. All was cold, lifeless, and devoid of wit and insight. Then, on Sunday night, there was a veritable Big Bang in my email inbox, a sudden explosion of posts from all corners of the blogosphere. It has been my pleasure as the host of Grand Rounds this week to visit blogs that I didn’t even know existed, so I’ll invite you now to sit back, relax and join me on a tour of the highlights of the medical blogging universe.

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