I brought my coffee cup home yesterday

…and gave my wife a fright.

At work, we’re allowed to have a cup if it’s covered, so it took me about a millisecond to bring one to work for the coffee.  I can quit any time.  Really.

I like coffee, truth be told.  Not as much as my family, but there’s a space for all I appreciate in my life.  I digress.


So, after several months weeks days in continuous operation, I decided it was time to bring the caffeine chalice home to meet the dishwasher.  I put it in my lunch box, and brought the lunch box home, as usual.  In the middle of the night, of course.

The next morning I happened to be standing in the kitchen when my wife opened said box, took out the coffee cup, shot me a quick look and asked “Did you quit your job?”.  She wasn’t joking.

So, no, I didn’t quit my job or coffee.  She’s happy about the first, and resigned to the second.


  1. Then I think you are ready to be invited to http://www.coffeegeek.com. Take it easy, though.

  2. John J. Coupal says:

    If it were my wife, she would have thoroughly sprayed the cup with Clorox before placing it in the dishwasher.

  3. I came to say that you don’t have to give your wife a fright like that. Just fill the thing with Chlorox at work and it will as good as new. Just don’t drink it out of it in the soaking phase. We did this all the time when I worked in hospital pharmacy, the back sink was always full of bleach filled coffee cups. I see someone else recommended Chlorox too.

  4. Jared Solomon says:

    Dish washing detergent contains sodium hypochlorite (bleach) in dry form, so either method will work.

    I, however, am pleased to hear that someone has the same trouble with his wife that I do. My wife is permanently dismayed that I like coffee. I think she shall just have to suffer under that dismay for as long as we are together. This may last a long time.

    I’m glad you got to play a late April Fool joke on your wife. Even if the joke wasn’t intentional.

  5. NoAcuteDistress says:

    Just think of what this stuff does to your GI tract!

  6. That’s precsely why I don’t drink either clorox or dishwashing detergent.

  7. NocturnalDoc says:

    Yes, my family is disgusted by my coffee travel mug. I rinse it out when I get home and “scrub” it maybe every 2 months. Gross, I know! You should see the sludge layer! When I clean it, they get concerned.