MedBlogs Grand Rounds 3:30

Fat Doctor: Grand Rounds Vol. 3, No. 30

And now, (drumroll please), my second attempt at Fat Doctor’s Grand Rounds. This is a Mayan calendar. The last year has been…special. A year ago, I was mired in a bad mood which turned into eight bilateral frontal lobe CVAs a week or so later. Thus, the first FDGR was devoid of the witty brilliance I had planned when taking on the task. I see now that I even screwed up the date on that post. Ha!

Since then, I’ve enjoyed the straightforward approach to GR, so I will stick to the basics. We had 39 submissions this time, many of them before the posted deadline! I always was picked last for kickball when in third grade (and years of therapy didn’t take away the pain), so I’m including all of them.

Another beaut.