New car update

43.4 MPG.  A little disappointing given the 60/51 EPA estimate, but still a lot better than my old drive.  All done with the AC on, I might add, so that’s probably hurting the average.

And, it’s a fun little car so far.  We’ll see how it wears.


  1. Yeah, those EPA estimates are notoriously bad. But as you get used to driving the car (and the car gets used to you driving it), I bet you your mileage goes up at least a few points. I’m at 44.8 MPG and I’ve got a 2001 model which should technically be less efficient than the newer ones. (Also, going closer to 65 on the highway will greatly help your mileage if you’re doing highway miles.)

  2. Jim in Texas says:

    Did you get that rifle rack installed yet??

  3. We averaged 50+ on a road trip to Reno this weekend. Three adults, full set of cymbals and stands, and assorted gear, from SoCa up Interstate 5, with a/c.

    There’s a learning curve associated with driving a Prius. You learn to ease into acceleration as gently as possible and to allow the electric engine to take over once you’re at speed as rapidly as possible. I also think the cruise control is fairly useless — I get better economy managing the speed myself. If you speed, you’ll lose economy, simple as that.

    The next time you’re in bumper-to-bumper traffic, watch your fuel economy…I’ve gotten as high as 59.7 in traffic. :)