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WSJ Editor tries Nursing

CareerJournal | Editor Finds Care, Chaos On the Night Nursing Shift

via Geena at CodeBlog, the outstanding story of a man with a midlife career change. Terrific story, no excerpt, just enjoy it all.

Proud Parent Alert

My daughter went to her schools’ awards ceremony (she’s a Sophomore) expecting to get recognition for the AB Honor Roll, and told us not to go.  Like a couple of dummies, we didn’t.

She came home with Six awards!

  • World History Achievement Award
  • 10th Grade Citizenship 
  • AB Honor Roll
  • Chemistry I Outstanding Student (only one given per grade)
  • Drama I Citizenship Award (only one given per grade)
  • English II Outstanding Student (only one given per grade)

I’m not a person who either lives through their kids or sees them as personal validation, I’m just so proud of her for her own accomplishments!  Well mannered and reasonably sharp, a winning combination.