Archives for May 7, 2007

AMA: another Half-Baked Half-Price ad

I’ve written before about an AMA half-price membership flyer, and pointed out it was actually half-price because it was for half a year.

Today comes a pitch email for half price AMA membership.  Mildly curious to see if they’re still running the same playbook I followed their link, and when looking into the details, got to this page (click for full-size):

This is an even better deal than before!  Now I am offered the chance to pay for six months’ membership and will actually get 4 1/2 months (April 17th through August 31st, 2007)!  Yes, that’s right, I’d actually be paying more than full price!

Aah, with leadership like this is it any wonder physicians are voting with their wallets, and sitting on them rather than join the AMA?